Use Of Embroidery Fabric Has A Innate Connection With High-End Fashion

When it comes to Indian ethnic wear embroidered fabric or embroidery art of embellishment is the highlight. India being a country of cultural efficacy has masterpiece artisans to adorn a simple piece of fabric into piece of embellished grandeur with handwork of embroidery intricacy. In present genre of fusion wear designer embroidery garmentsare on high demand. It is rocking the entire fashion world with magnificence of art and intricacy. Embroidered fabric is available abundantly in Indian market in an array of price ranges to suit all budget and all sort of wardrobe ensemble. Not just ethnic wear even for western wear also embroidered fabric is highly used.

Two main segment of embroidered fabric

All embellishment work started from small cottage industry of India where hidden talents use to create wonder with tango of thread and needle. With increase in demand, machines are introduced to produce in larger scale. Especially embroidered fabrics for women have potential market across the world. With intrusion of technology and machine embroidery market got diverged in two segment

  • Handmade embroidery work
  • Machine tailored  embroidery work.

Though both are incomparable still based on value for cottage industry and supremacy of human precision both have its unbeatable global  market turnover .

Array of Embroidered fabric

Based on different pattern of stitches embroidery fabric is categorized in various types. Heritage, uniqueness and tales of different states are delineated through embroidery work. is one of the leading wholesaler, retailer and online store providing all varieties of embroidered fabric. Here we go with a trail of list.

  • Kantha Stich embroidery – This is a speciality of Bengal. The simplicity of running stitch across the edge has a story of Bengal to disclose. Different motifs of mother nature like birds, trees, houses and lot more are encrypted with different colours of thread.
  • Zardosi work –

This embroidery work has its origin in Mughal era. Royal families used to adorn their cloak with valuable gold and silver threads on rich velvet and silk fabric. Precious and semi precious stones are also used to adorn it. These are premium fabrics with high commercial value. To get it available to all segment copper and zari thread pearls and beads are also used.

Patch work of Rajasthan

Rajasthani embroidery work on patch and mirror are on high demand. On a plain base fabric other piece of coloured fabric is attached by stitching.

Aari work

This is special about Kashmir work. Concentric rings are formed in chain stitch form to embellish the fabric. Floral motifs are formed with crewel needle. Vibrant colours of threads are used on monocolor base fabric.

Mirror work

Mirror work is based on Gujrat. It uses high quality mirror embedded with colourful thread. Blown sisha, machine cut sisha, sisha embroidery are three major types.

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