CROCHET BASICS for absolute beginners

Crocheting is fun and therapeutic all at the same time. You don’t need a lot of items to start it off. Let me help you get an idea of the crochet basics. As a beginner, the basic stuff you need is:

  • A Crochet Hook
  • Yarn
  • Scissors

Make sure you get the right tools. If you are an absolute beginner, I would suggest a 5.5 mm crochet hook and an acrylic yarn.


Slip Knot & Chain Stitch

Most of the crochet projects (not every, though) start with the slip knot and chain stitches. A slip knot is a basic knot that we make with the hands and the crochet hook.
Chain stitch is one of the most basic stitches that we learn while learning crochet. It makes the foundation of most of the crochet projects. Chain Stitch abbreviation – ch or chs.
Please see the video for better understanding.

Watch this – How to do a Slip Knot and Chain Stitch.

Single Crochet

The next thing you learn after getting a hang of doing chain stitches is Single Crochet. You need a foundation chain to start doing a single crochet. Single Crochet abbreviation – sc.
Please see the video for better understanding.

Watch this – How to Single Crochet.

Half – Double Crochet

Just like the name says, half double crochet is a bit taller than the single crochet. Half Double Crochet abbreviation – hdc.
Please watch the video for better understanding.

Watch this – How to Half Double Crochet.

Double Crochet

Double crochet is slightly taller than the half double crochet and it is one of the important crochet stitches. There are a different variants of double crochet, but as of now, watch this video for better understanding of the very basic double crochet.

Watch this – How to Double Crochet.

TIP – Make sure you keep the track of the stitches, the number of stitches in each raw. Counting the stitches surely helps you while the project

Once you get a hang of these stitches, you will then be ready to do crochet projects. Wait for a very easy crochet tutorial for beginners pretty soon.


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