Weekly Pregnancy Belly Progression – Second Innings!

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Well, this blog post is all about my second pregnancy. By the way, my girl is gonna be two this July! Ahh, time surely flies!! Oh and lemme tell you, you are going to catch a glimpse of my pregnancy belly pictures here. After all, this is about my pregnancy belly, how can I not spam you guys with some belly pictures!

The second pregnancy happened when we were in the Netherlands and the delivery was in my hometown, Angamaly, Kerala. Okay, I am not getting into the pregnancy story all over again as I have already jotted it down in a separate blog post. Do read that, if you haven’t yet.

Even though I was and am a Pinterest fanatic, somehow the thought about weekly or even monthly pregnancy belly photo shoot never came into my mind during my first pregnancy!! I was so late when I actually thought about it!! So I was sure that I am certainly going to do this when I got pregnant again. It was on week 16 I started taking pictures and continued it through week 38.

Well, without any more introduction, let me get into the pictures. Here goes my weekly pregnancy belly progression pictures from week 16 to week 38, after that I delivered my little monster! LOL!


That’s it guys, SPAM over! I can now sleep peacefully 😉

Oh, by the way, I have uploaded a video with these pictures on my YouTube Channel. Check it out too. This is the link to my YouTube Channel.

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