The Fourth Trimester!

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Pregnancy is not just about 3 trimesters! It has one more, THE FOURTH TRIMESTER! This phase is not much talked about, by your gyno, or your friend or even by your parents! But, it is a fact, THE FOURTH TRIMESTER really exists! And it basically is a SURVIVAL period!! And it comes UNEXPECTED!

It may not be the same for every mother but is very common with most of the new mothers. Well, there is nothing to be panicked. Just understand what you really need to do in this period and you can manage it, trust me. Btw, if you haven’t yet read baby B’s delivery story, do read it here.

What actually is The FOURTH TRIMESTER?

It starts at the moment the baby is out of your womb and lasts until he/she is three months old. It is widely known as the postpartum period for mommies.

There are primarily two things to understand.
– The baby is completely new to anything and everything and you are the only one he/she is attached.
– You have physically and mentally gone through an enormous task of growing the baby in your womb and giving birth to her/him.

Why is it a survival period?

Now you know why the baby needs only you in this period. This period is so important for the baby as they need to adapt to the new surroundings, new people and everything new! Giving constant care to the baby in this period is the key. Give them the closeness that they crave for. They need it! They need it for their transition! And by the end of these three months, the baby will be adapted to everything.

As a mother, you should expect the unexpected in this trimester. You need to treat this period just like the former three trimesters. Proper care should be given during this time. Remember, you are your baby’s primary caregiver and you need to make yourself fit for it. Not to forget that you have gone through a big transition and your body needs time to heal. It’s basically a recovery time for you! Make sure you have somebody to help with. And take a much-required break. You need it!

You have gone through it all; the nauseousness, bleeding, cramping, headaches, constipation, mood swings and what not!! So believe in yourself first. You can get over it all. You are designed that way!

Make sure you get the postnatal care. It is done differently in different parts of the world. It is better to follow what is usually practised in your place. I have written a detailed post on the same. Do read it too.


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    Ruchi Verma says:

    Your post is so informative and useful for all moms to be…you have shared great tips which will make them more relax… and ready for this!!

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    Shubhreet Kaur says:

    Oh I remember this period like it was yesterday. Karma’s colic had started at just 10 days old. Then when she was a month and a half old, we shifted houses too. It was just Karan Karma and I. But somehow, we did it and bonded really one. I kinda miss the initial baby days!

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