Baby B’s Birth Story


My younger kid, Baby B was born on 4th July 2017. A baby girl, once again. That wasn’t a surprise for us, as we got to know the baby’s gender at the 5th-month scan. Perks of being in a foreign country during pregnancy, you know 😉. Oh, and unlike the first one, I was wide awake on the operation table this time and I still remember everything so clearly! Okay, now let’s get on to baby B’s birth story. Read on!

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The Story

My due date was July 16th but my gyno told me that we shouldn’t wait that long and the baby should be taken out between 2nd and 10th July. Since my first delivery was a C-Section, it will be the same this time as well. Um, it’s so at least in my part of the world! My delivery date was finally scheduled for July 4th. I was happy and well prepared to receive this tiny bundle of joy a little earlier. But I was a bit disappointed that V (the Husbandman) will reach only on the 7th!! Anyway, thanks to the mobile phones and the internet, at least he will get updates and pictures and videos then and there.

My hospital bag and other essentials were all ready by then and my parents had arranged a helper to stay with us at night in the hospital, after the delivery. It’s just not easy for my parents to handle everything as they are aged and there’s a toddler to be managed! My mother in law and brother in law had come the day before the delivery. lilN was happy to see everyone having a get-together and wasn’t much aware of what was coming her way!!

3rd July 2017

4.00 PM: Got admitted to the hospital. lilN was happily roaming around with her ‘chittappa’ (uncle).

6.30 PM: Took a bath, got ready for the next day, both physically and mentally.

8.45 PM: I was taken to the labour room after having dinner, for baby monitoring. It lasted for about an hour and then I was taken back to my room. They informed me that the CS will be done by 8.45-9.00 the next morning. And I was not allowed to have any food after 10 PM and no water after 12 AM. So the first thing I did after reaching my room was to drink plenty of water! lilN had slept off by the time on the bed. I felt downhearted because that was the last night for her being our only child!!! I slept peacefully holding and hugging her tight.

4th July 2017

Got ready by around 8 AM in the morning and they took me to the operation theatre by around 8.30. lilN’s chitappa took her out so that she doesn’t see me being taken in a stretcher, which we thought might scare her!

I was first moved to a room adjacent to the OT, and my Amma stayed with me until the chief gyno came. And then I was taken to the OT, alone! Oh, how can I be alone when I was surrounded by a number of doctors and paramedics!!

So yes, I was slid onto the operation table. I was asked to bend over for the spinal to be administered. It was hard with the big belly, but the nurses were very kind to me. The anesthesiologist came in and numbed my body. The doctors made sure that everything is good to go and they started the procedure.

Don’t ask me what exactly was happening there because they had put a curtain right at my chest, as I was not supposed to see it! But very soon, I heard my baby cry.

My girl was born. Birth time: 9 AM.

I swear I was afraid that I would go sleepy during the whole process. It happened that way last time, during lilN’s birth! The doctor had to wake me up and announce that the baby was born!! After seeing her taking away to clean her up, I fell asleep again! I really didn’t want that to happen again and I deliberately opened my eyes throughout even though the junior Anesthaseist told me I can sleep after the baby was taken out. The key was to focus somewhere. I had a not-very-bright light hanging just on the top and I focused there. Whenever I felt drowsy, I managed to focus there, and that really worked!

The nurses were so good that they kept talking to me. After Baby B was taken to clean her up, one male nurse asked me if I have decided on the name. We had decided on a name and I told him that. In surprise he asked me if I was sure it’s a girl again and I told him that we knew the baby’s gender already. And the conversation went on to Netherland, Europe and so on! So the point is, I didn’t sleep at all.

Once the operation got over, they showed me my family. I was so happy to see my first-born and longed to reunite with her. But I had to wait!! They took me to the recovery room later.

By then I was completely exhausted and all I wanted was some sound sleep. I slept for a long time but when I woke up, I badly wanted to drink some water. I was so damn thirsty!! I pleaded the nurses and they gave me half a glass of water!

They showed me my family in the evening. Again, all I waited was to see my lilN. I’m not sure if it’s normal, but I was not thinking about the newborn but about this girl for so long! I was confused how will it be in the night as I will be moved to my room the next day only! And my girl has not slept without me until that time!! I was worried!! All I could do was to just pray!

The nurses took the newborn to me a few times in the evening and at night. Though I wasn’t actually even thinking about her, the moment she was kept near me, I felt something very intense! It was a mix of emotions! I just fall in love with her then and there!!

5th July 2017

I was waiting for this day as I knew I would be moved to my room. They gave me some biscuits and black tea and then I was asked to go to the toilet, pee and come back. Man, that was the hardest!! But there’s nothing a strong determination can’t overcome.

Once the doctors made sure that I’m good to go, they took me to my room. And the reunion happened. Me and my angels, backed by the family. It was so good to see lilN bonding with baby B. We missed V though!!!

Are you a mother? Was it a vaginal delivery or a C-Section? Would love to hear from you. Btw, have you read my blog post on baby N’s birth story? If not, read it here.


  1. Avatar
    Akanksha says:

    What a gorgeous baby girl. We also knew gender of our child from the 5th month scan but we didn’t share with anyone as we wanted it to be a surprise for others. We were having a boy but we shopped all neutrals just in case plus neutrals will keep it a surprise too. My son was born 6 days over due date.

  2. Avatar
    Siddhi says:

    Your post took me to my pregnancy days. How I was hurried to the hospital and everything came flooding back. I can tell you it takes a lot to plan second pregnancy and I have been trying to keep that thought at Bay. But still it is a wonderful experience.

  3. Avatar
    Bushra says:

    What a beautiful memory and incredible motherhood Journey. Indeed the results are fruitful and takes away all the pain

  4. Avatar
    Deepika says:

    I am a mom and I have 2 kids and both the deliveries are C section. While reading the post I had gone in the memories. Lovely and touching post.Thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. Avatar
    Noor Anand Chawla says:

    I too had a C-Section baby, and I remember that feeling of hearing my baby cry from behind the curtain- priceless!

  6. Avatar
    Ruchi Verma says:

    Birth of every child is special and memories stay forever…Adorable baby…wishing her all the happiness in life !!

  7. Avatar
    Shubhreet Kaur says:

    Awww… this took me back to my delivery days. I was full 40 weeks pregnant & had gone for my weekly check up. My doc said you’re finally starting to dilate so hopefully this week or then you come tmw, lets induce labour. By then I was so tired of waddling like a penguin that I said yessss. LOL! So next morning they induced labour and by evening 6 PM, Karma was here. It was a natural delivery but induced.

  8. Avatar
    Pragnya Mishra says:

    Birth stories are so heartwarming. I had a vaginal delivery and my experience can go lengthy for a post. But I can say, all the pain do reduce after falling in love with child.

  9. Avatar
    Varsh says:

    I have two kids and thankfully both times I had a normal delivery. The second time is easier since we’re better informed but emotions are just as special!

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