Valentine’s Day, 2019

People have different conceptions and inceptions about different celebrations including Valentine’s day. For me, it’s definitely a day to celebrate. C’mon, we all need a break from the usual routine once in a while, don’t we? I have been finding ways to celebrate Valentine’s day from our very first year of marriage and I have tried to bring a smile on my husband’s face. And I have blogged about our Valentine’s Day celebrations for the last two years.


DIY’ing is always my thing and Pinterest is my bae. I love how easy is it to find simple and doable DIYs on Pinterest. This year I was sure I am gonna crochet as it’s been more than a year since I last crocheted, that was during my second pregnancy. A toddler and a baby made my life kinda miserable for some time (just being real), but it is slowly changing now. So yes, I have been waiting to crochet for a long time and I knew Valentine’s Day is the best and the nearest opportunity and I simply didn’t want to miss.

Pinterest again came to rescue. I could find a lot of ideas and I decided to gift Vinu (my husband) a crocheted rosebud. I finished one and I was so satisfied with it that I made a few more. And then I thought I would showcase those in a little glass bottle I already had. It looked nice, at least in my eyes 😉

A DIY water candle was in my list because recently I happened to see a tutorial of the same on youtube and I wanted to try it out. Obviously, Valentine’s Day was the best time, right? So yes, with minimum requirements, I made a water candle. All I had to buy for the DIY was the thread for the candle. The water candle looked impressive and was surprisingly easy to make.

I had a tiny little glass bottle which I had bought long back and I thought it can be used as well. Wrote a (love) message in a paper and put it in the bottle. Added a few tiny heart cutouts as well. How easy peasy! I had bought a felt letter board last year (after keeping it in the wish list for a very long time) and I put it to use too.

I wanted to make a crochet mug cosy for Vinu, as a gift. He loves tea/coffee, so I thought a mug cosy would be perfect for him. But time was my biggest constraint! With the two kids and all the household works, I was so exhausted and found it hard to do anything more. On the 14th evening, after completing almost all the household work, I thought I would start making the mug cosy and see if I can finish it before Vinu returns from office. Luckily (for me), Vinu was so late that day and I could complete making the mug cosy before he came home. And I arranged everything neatly in a wooden tray.

Not sure if Vinu got surprised after seeing the whole thing, but I sure enjoyed doing it. Oh, and surprisingly, Vinu bought me a Cadbury Silk. How was your Valentine’s Day go?

Oh, and btw, do check out how we celebrated our Valentine’s Days in the year 2017 and 2018.

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  1. Avatar
    anupriya says:

    I love the mug cover. We do not get that cold here in Kolkata, but I wish it was a little more winterry here, so that I could use such cute and wonderful things.

  2. Avatar
    Roma says:

    I am a crochet fan Nimmi and though I am late this year but am completely spellbound by your ideas gal, they will remain with me for long

  3. Avatar
    Ruchi Verma says:

    This post is filled with Love Nd creativity seems like both walk hand in hand …really in love with this post !!

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