Pregnancy Vs. Creativity – Round 2

Wondering what the relationship between pregnancy and creativity is? In that case, you probably should check out my other post on Pregnancy Vs. Creativity. That was when I was pregnant for the first time. Anyhow, I can give you a brief description here itself. Just like in the case of many pregnant ladies, my creative side was also very sharp during those times. I did creative things that I have never done before. The first pregnancy was all about painting, paper quilling etc. PS: I have not done these after the first pregnancy till date!! Such a weirdo I am!!


Okay, now let us talk about the ‘round 2‘! I had already mastered the art of crocheting much before my second pregnancy, which actually came into help this time around. I was waiting to know the baby’s gender to start working. After the 5th month scanning, we got to know that it’s a girl, and the first project I did was a Crocheted Mermaid Outfit for the little one. this particular project was in my mind for a long time and I would have done and gifted it to some other baby if mine was not a girl. But I was lucky enough to make it for my very own child.

I found the multicolour yarn at the nearby store and grabbed it without even looking at the price. I knew that would be the best one I could get for doing my dream project. My MIL was staying with us during that time, and she used to take care of the cooking part. Hence, I had ample time to do the stuff I like, even though I had a toddler to deal with. Just that it took a while to complete the whole mermaid set. Worth the effort, I should say!

Well, as I already mentioned, that was indeed a dream come true project. I actually wanted to do more. But we were exploring places at that time before coming back home on my 7th month of pregnancy.

After coming back to India and settling down with my family, I wasn’t sure I would be able to do anything more. Surprisingly, I did a lot more during those 3 months before the delivery.

I wanted to stitch some tops for the baby. It is actually very simple, but since I did not have any prior knowledge about stitching, my Amma (mother) helped me with the cutting part and she basically taught me how to stitch a dress. She even gave me some embroidery lessons.

These dresses, the embroidery work done, nothing is perfect. But hey, I tried! And that’s what matters the most!!

When I was done stitching, I took out my crochet hooks and yarns again. Searched for crochet baby shoe tutorials on YouTube and found some easy (very much doable even for a beginner) ones. And started crocheting. Ended up with two pairs of cute little baby shoes for the baby in the belly and two pairs of matching headbands for both my baabies.

Finally, I also made a baby blanket and kept it inside the hospital bag. It was the softest ever and those yarns are also from the Netherlands. I’m not even sure if I could get the same variety in my country. It’s that soft! This picture did not give any justice to the actual blanket, by the way!

So, you now know. It was all about stitching, crocheting etc the second time around. And trust me, I really enjoyed doing every bit of it. Especially because this time it was all for the baby.


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    Shubhreet Kaur says:

    Omg! I am in love with the crochet you made! so cute!!! and I do agree, something about having a baby inspires creativity. Happened with us too – not just me but Karan as well! LOL!

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    Sharvari says:

    Wow you are amazingly creative. Those little booties and that mermaid outfit had my heart. I agree there is a link of pregnancy and creativity for sure

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