Bumberry Sleeper – A Detailed Review

Have you seen my last blog post on Cloth Diapering? That was my very first post on Cloth Diapering. Basically, I have given an overall idea about what Cloth Diapers are and Cloth Diapering is. I really hope that was helpful. Do feel free to ask your queries. And if you haven’t yet read the post, please read it here, especially if you are a wannabe-cloth diapering mommy. Well, others can read it too. 😉

Cloth diapering has been a traditional thing in India, especially for the newborns. But the transition to using disposable diapers was drastic as part of globalization, maybe! I too have used the disposable ones for my elder child, largely, for about 3 years!!! I thought that was the best for my kid, even though I knew that would cost us a lot of money! Because that was a lot more convenient, bet never knew how bad it is for the baby as well as for the environment! I later realized that it was the worst decision ever!!

Thankfully I could cloth diaper my younger one since she was about 3-4 months old. By the time, I researched on cloth diapers and I was sure I should give it a try. It actually worked. And since then, I have been telling my friends (who are mommies) about it, and I am proud many of them have changed to cloth diapering. What a win!


Okay, now let me introduce you to the Indian Cloth Diapering Brand Bumberry . They focus on making baby-friendly and environment-friendly diapers which makes them special in itself. They were kind enough to send me a diaper of my choice to do a review, and I selected the Bumberry Sleeper with a beautiful solid blue colour.

Bumberry Sleeper is a single piece diaper which has two partially stitched microfiber inserts on both the sides. Both the inserts are made of 2 layers microfiber inserts which makes it extra absorbent. It keeps the baby bum dry and thereby the chance of getting diaper rash is very low. The diaper also has pockets, where we can add additional inserts in case the baby is a heavy wetter.

As the ‘sleeper’ is basically designed and recommended for the night time usage, I prepped beforehand and used it for the night time. LilB is not a heavy wetter. So I purposely didn’t add any extra insert and I was extremely happy the next day as it stayed completely dry the next morning. I can certainly say that it was a leak-free cloth diapering experience.

The outer cover is not just waterproof, it is super soft as well. It prevents unwanted leakages. It is a one-time diaper, and you can adjust its size using the snap buttons. These snap buttons are so comfortable and hassle-free to use. Its soft stay dry fabric has got superb absorbency quality which usually lasts for a pretty long time.

It is definitely a budget-priced diaper, I have to say. It costs only Rs. 799/- and it is available directly from their website. Do check it out here. If you are looking for the very same diaper as of mine (the solid blue one), do check it out here. Bumberry diapers are also available on Amazon, Flipkart, Firstcry, Hopscotch etc.

Do feel free to comment and ask if you have any doubts regarding the same. Hope this review is helpful.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blogpost, but the opinions are solely mine.



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    Dipika says:

    I have read cloth diapering is very good, in fact when we used it with our baby cloths were not trust worthy. However, with these diapers its as good and sustainable.

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    Sayeri says:

    4yrs back I was not that much familiar with cloth diaper so I didn’t use it but now I suggest all the new moms ti use cloth diapers only. It’s good for the baby always.

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