Cloth Diapering 101- An Introduction

This is a much-asked topic from a few that I personally know and I finally could write it down. So, in simple terms, Cloth Diapering means using cloth diapers for the babies and toddlers until they get potty trained. And these are the reusable diapers that are made of cloth which basically lasts long.

I have used the traditional cloth nappies for both my kids during the initial days/weeks of their birth when I had zero knowledge about modern cloth diapers. However, I could cloth diaper my younger one from around 3-4 months. And still going strong. Modern cloth diapers are a lot easier to use than the traditional ones.

Modern Cloth Diapers

As I mentioned already, cloth diapers are modernised version of cloth nappies that are traditionally been used. The major difference between the two is that cloth nappies need to be changed after one pee whereas modern cloth diapers can hold it for a long time without wetting the baby’s bum, just like the disposible ones.

Why Cloth Diapers

Just as in the case of babywearing, Instagram opened me the door to cloth diapering as well. I could find a lot of mommies there using cloth diapers for their babies and I used to wonder how they manage to cloth diaper. I actually thought ‘Why on Earth one would do that’! And initially, I thought cloth diapering must be a ‘task’!! Guess what, I was wrong. It’s actually way easier than I had imagined. You just need to attach/insert the cloth to/inside the diaper and snap it on the baby’s bum. That’s it!

I dreaded the washing part as well, initially! Well, there was nothing to worry about. Baby poo would be pretty runny until they start solids. You can just clear the poo with the toilet sprayer and keep it closed in a closed bin until the wash time. You can even use biodegradable liners which can be flushed down the toilet. These liners can be attached to the diapers at the time of using. In the case of solid poo, you need to knock it off in the toilet with the toilet sprayer. You can then store the diaper in a closed bin and wash these within 2 days. (I usually do it that way.) Machine wash or hand wash, anything is possible.

Now, will you be surprised if I say Cloth Diapers cost you way much lesser than the disposable ones? If you are using disposable diapers you would know how many diapers will you be using for about 2 years. A minimum of 6-7 diapers a day! And you will only need a very few cloth diapers that are reusable even though it costs around 700 or more. Now do the math by yourself how much you can actually save.


In short, the following are the reasons why I chose to cloth diaper lilB.

  • These are easy to use
  • These are safe on baby’s skin
  • These are eco-friendly
  • These are budget friendly
  • These are reusable

One thing you need to make sure is that you shouldn’t use the detergents with harsh chemicals, fabric softeners or any antiseptic liquid. And a big no to liquid detergents. These can reduce the diaper’s absorbency!

If you are convinced enough, do give it a try. Just go ahead and buy 2-3 cloth diapers from Bumberry and I am sure you will not regret. When you are starting something new, it’s always better to start slowly. After all, we parents strive to get the best for our babies. You have got enough time to build your stash later.

Bumberry has an amazing collection of fashionable diapers that are economical as well. They also have ‘starters kit’, in which you will get three cloth diapers along with natural reusable cloth wipes. Check those out here.

Disclaimer: This blogpost is sponsored by Bumberry.


  1. Avatar
    Ophira says:

    Modern cloth diapers have been a boon to families like ours. Not only do you save a lot of money over the years but you are doing your own little bit for the environment too.

  2. Avatar
    Salma Shajahan says:

    Cloth diapering is a blessing for many! I’m one amongst them! Buying them was a therapy for me! Looking at those colorful bums we’re really pleasant to my eyes! You have written well!

  3. Avatar
    Neha Jain says:

    This is such a helpful post for all moms , I personally think it’s really good to start cloth diapering . I started early with my daughter and I was the happiest one to switch to eco friendly diapers

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