DIY Christmas Wreath

Every year around this time I would be doing Christmas DIYs, but I have never made a Christmas wreath! As always this time also I was searching for DIYs on Pinterest and this DIY Christmas Wreath caught my attention. And I couldn’t wait to try it out especially because the kids could join in to make this one.

This is basically the handprint cutouts of your kids, stuck to the base and decorate. Voila, so easy! Okay, let’s get into the details.

Supplies required:

Green Cardstock (Better to have different shades of green)
Red Cardstock
Large Round Plate
Small Round Bowl


  1. Trace your kid’s hand onto a green cardstock and keep it as a template. I have 2 kids. Hence, I made 1 each of them both. It might not be an easy task as smaller kids tend to move their hand very soon! Be patient, once it’s done you are gonna love it. As I had already mentioned, getting different shades of green gives a different feel to the Christmas wreath. Well, I couldn’t find a green cardstock at home and was so lazy to go out with the kids to buy it, I simply coloured some white cardstock that was lying here and used.
  2. Cut as many handprints as you need. Keep it aside.
  3. Now it’s time to make the base. Cut out a circle from the black cardstock with the help of the plate and the bowl. All I had was a black chart sheet and as I need it to be a bit thicker, I cut 2 circles from the chart paper and stuck them together.
  4. Stick the handprints on to the base with some white glue.
  5. Add some “red berries” just by sticking some tiny red colour circles which I cut from red cardstock.
  6. To finish it off, add a red ribbon on to it. Since I didn’t have red ribbon at home, I made a bow with some red paper.
  7. Oh, one last thing. Add a twine on to the back side with some cello tape, so that you can hang it on the door.

Do check out the video tutorial here.



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    Akanksha Goel says:

    This is such a cute DIY Activity to involve kids and keep them engaged this Christmas Holidays. My son will have his Christmas break from 21st this month and I can’t wait to involve him in some DIY crafts.

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