DIY Christmas Countdown

Hola guys, it started to feel a lot like Christmas, already! As they say, December is not just a month, but a feeling!! Just like you all, December is my favourite month as well. (Yes, I love December more than my birthday month.) Wonderful occasions are always meant for some DIYs. Let’s start the Christmas DIYs with this easy-peasy DIY Christmas Countdown.


Things you will need:

  • White Card Stock
  • Black Card Stock
  • Orange Card Stock
  • Scissors
  • Board Pin
  • White Marker/Chalkboard Marker
  • Black Marker
  • Red Marker/ Red 
  • Pencil (not necessary)


  • Cut out a circle from the white cardstock.
  • Keep that aside and cut a ‘hat shape’ from the black cardstock.
  • Now, write ‘DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS’ on the top of the hat and add some snowflakes on the bottom part with the white marker. Also, add a red line in between with a red marker. If that doesn’t work, just use a red paper or a red ribbon.
  • Stick the hat on top of the white circle.
  • Draw two eyes of the snowman and a mouth with a pencil and then darken it with the black marker. Make sure you this right, or else you will have to do it again just like me. LOL!!
  • Add the numbers just like in a clock, but from 1 to 24.
  • We now need the snowman’s nose to be fixed. Either you take an orange cardstock and cut it into the shape of a carrot. (remember? a carrot is the snowman’s nose.) If you don’t have an orange one, take a white cardstock and paint it orange and use. That’s what I did.
  • And, the last step. Pin the nose with a board pin. Make sure you cover the pointed area at the back with a glue gun or a piece of paper, whatever works for you. I did both, by the way.

That’s it guys. Now, if you have any doubt, do watch my YouTube video.

Lemme also show you the same DIY I did long back.

That’s all for today folks.


  1. Avatar
    Ruchi Verma says:

    This looks quite interesting and creative I will sure try this with my kids and let you know …keep.sharing such cool ideas

  2. Avatar
    Dipika Singh says:

    Christmas is that time of the year when everyone goes into the decorative and merry mood. House decoration and some fun DIY stuff get groovy with the jingle bells. Thanks for sharing these cute and easy tips.

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