Some FALLing Memories

Black Forest, Germany

I have been thinking quite a lot about the days we spent in Germany since fall started across the western part of the world and my friends and family started uploading beautiful pictures of the season, on social media. Mother nature amazes us with it’s beautiful wonders. And one such is the Fall time. 

We were in Holland, before lilB was born and we made sure we visit as many countries as possible in Europe. Our Germany visit was just for two days, but was such a memorable one as we had friends to accompany us. We have made some wonderful memories there.

Since it was a 2 day trip, we didn’t want to just visit too many places and spend little time. Instead, we chose only two places, Black Forest and Heidelberg Castle, and spent ample time there.


Triberg Falls

Black Forest is one of the most beautiful travel spots in Germany. It wasn’t crowded and so trekking wasn’t that hard, even though we had a 2 year old to carry. Well, that’s Mr. husband’s job to carry the lil one when its trekking time. Wink wink!! 

We couldn’t go that high because it started raining after some time!! Our bad! But that didn’t disappoint us. We could spend ample time there and could take a looooot of pictures to treasure. Also, we could watch the very famous and the most attractive Triberg Falls, which is such a pleasure to the eyes.


Heidelberg Castle Garden

The Heidelberg Castle is one of the most impressive castles in Europe. But we were more impressed with it’s courtyard. 

The castle garden is such a pleasure to the eyes in the fall season. The ground was full of those colorful leaves and both lilN and I started crunching the leaves with our feet and we were literally running around the open space. It was such a refreshing experience, I swear!! 


Well, I have also got some beautiful pictures of Holland, to cherish fall memories there as well.


I am a DIY enthusiast and I just grabbed some autumn leaves and some yarn and decorated a tiny part of our home.  


What did I make?

  • Candle Decor with fall leaves
  •  Pumpkin garland with some yarn


  1. Avatar
    Ritu Kalra says:

    Holland seems to be a magnificent place ans the fall pictures always come out so beautifully …I too wish to visit there sometime and witness the beauty out there

  2. Avatar
    Hema says:

    This place looks beautiful. I liked the candle decor idea using the fall leaves. A classic way to use the fall leaves a home decor. Enjoyed the entire write up

  3. Avatar
    Akanksha says:

    My husband has been to Germany twice for work but we have not been there yet. I live in the UK so its not very far from here. I must add Holland to my travel wishlist. Thanks for sharing. Love beautiful Autumn/Fall photos.

  4. Avatar
    Rohini James says:

    I have been to Germany numerous times thanks to my job. But I haven’t been to Black Forest. The place looks beautiful.

  5. Avatar
    Papri Ganguly says:

    it is always a pleasure to read holiday memories. Love all the pictures. The place is gorgeous. Thanks for this virtual trip

  6. Avatar
    Neha Tambe says:

    The name black forest brought some dark images from Harry Potter to my mind, but your pics are truly inspiring. I have a friend traveling to Germany will definitely suggest her this.

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