A letter to my daughters! #SiblingStories

#SiblingStories is a blogging train hosted by Ila Varma in collaboration with the Brand Ang Tatva. Thirty three esteemed bloggers from blogging fraternity have joined hands to participate in the Blog train for #SiblingTalk reviving the sweet and tickling hours spent with loving siblings and revive golden memories of the past.

Lemme first introduce myself to those who are new here. I am Nimmy, a homemaker and mother of two girls. When I got this opportunity to write a blog post on the topic #SiblingStories I was actually wondering what to write!!! And then, after thinking a gazillion times, I finally decided it to be an open letter to my daughters.

My dear Babies…

(Yes, both of you are still my babies and forever will be!)

You girls are my shining stars. You both are the best things that have ever happened to me! I am so blessed to look at the bonding that you both have developed. 

Dear lilN,

I was happy as well as sad both at the same time to see you becoming a big sister, literally, within no time!! To my surprise, you were happy to welcome your little sister, even though you knew you had to share your space with her! You were eagerly waiting for the little one to grow up, to play with her. 

You were always there for you little sister when she cries or when she hurt herself! You make her clap, you make her sing, you make her dance..you are her perfect partner. You do have your meltdowns, you do show tantrums. But trust me, baby, you are truly an amazing chechimma (elder sister).

Dear lilB,

Will you be surprised if I say that your sister has helped me with cleaning your poop? Yes yes, you read that right baby. Such a loving and caring big sister you have. You are her kuttikurumbi (naughty girl) and she enjoys your naughtiness. 

The kisses you shower on your sister is the best thing I watch each and every day. You just can’t see your sister crying. You hug her and that makes my day better. 

You steal you sissy’s toys, you both fight, but that never last long. Possibly the next thing I see is you both hugging or kissing each other or may be you both playing together.

My dear darlings,

You fight each other, you throw your tantrums, you show jealousy at each other. But the way you love each other, no matter what, is remarkably beautiful! You girls are charming, loving, caring and everything sugar and spice. You both make a great pair, the perfect duo ever! You give the word ‘SIBLINGS’ the best meaning. I honestly hope that this bonding stays forever. May you be the best of friends. Love you always.


#SiblingStories #SiblingTalk

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    Judy says:

    Completely loved your letters.. such heartfelt emotions that you have poured down in this prompt. I am sure the elder one will surely use the poop cleaning thing as an edge over the younger one to get upper hand. 🙂

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