Back With a Bang!

I am so happy to be back after being MIA for quite a long time! Now you know the reason! Yass, I am back with my very own website and a cute little logo that I did for myself. I am seriously excited! I had mentioned this in my last blog post, regarding the rebranding of my blog/ website. And, Purple Dreams has now become The Cotton Diaries. Check out my about page to know more about the new name.

I cannot kick-start this whole new phase of my blogging journey without expressing my gratitude towards those who have directly or indirectly helped me build this awesome space. All the mommy bloggers I found on Instagram, I owe you big time.

Special thanks to Dr Amrita (Health Wealth Bridge) & Dr Bushra (All About The Woman) for conducting the Super Blogger Challenge along with Insta Cuppa. That platform was truly the best learning experience. Keep an eye on the Super Social Biz to know about their next lunch of Super Blogger Challenge.

Dr Amrita Basu is an ENT & Head Neck Surgeon and Dr Bushra Nausheen is a Gynecologist Expert. Not just that they both excel in their own disciplines, they are also avid bloggers. Have to mention that both of them believe in a healthy lifestyle and many of their blog posts depict the same.

Did you know, I also won The Most Dedicated Blogger Award from them and I am so much honoured. I received an Amazon voucher as well as  Dr.Amrita’s and Dr.Bushra’s e-books. So much to learn especially when you start your own website. Check those books here.

  1. Blogging Basics 101
  2. Starting a Successful Blog
  3. 7 Blogging Challenges for a Successful Blog

Next on the list is Shweta Ganesh Kumar from the Times of Amma. She is one of the very few mom bloggers I met on Instagram whom I have fallen for the writing skills. She is not just an award-winning mom blogger but also a writer herself. Her ‘The Beginner’s Guide To The Indian Mom Blogging Universe” was the first ebook I purchased ever. Here is the link if you would like to get a copy for yourself.

Finally, it’s Shailajah Vishwanath, yet another parent blogger whom I met on Instagram. She is a pro blogger and is a one-stop for all your blogging queries. Ask her about Pinterest, SEO, Mail subscription, and she will not let you down.

Well, now let’s get the party started (wink wink)!

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