Babywearing with Soul – A Friendly Talk (Part 2)

Guys, It’s been a long time since I have come up with a blog post. Apologies!! But hey, I will soon be changing the name of my blog. In other words, I’m rebranding my website. You will get to see it soon. Oh, I am super excited!

Okay, so I hope you guys have read my previous blog post. If not, please read it here. Now this one is a continuation of the same series, I can say. This is again, a virtual interview. But this time, with a celebrity. Yaass! I am talking about Divya Vineeth, wife of one and only Vineeth Sreenivasan. Divya is such a down to earth person and she was kind enough to spare some time for me when I asked her about this interview via Instagram. She literally had a super busy schedule but managed to find time for it.

Divya Vineeth

For those Non-Indians, lemme introduce Vineeth Sreenivasan. He is a multi-talented artist (read – all-rounder) who works in the Malayalam Film Industry. He is a playback singer, actor, director, producer and screenwriter. He is the son of veteran writer-actor Sreenivasan, who followed the same path as of his father’s. He is married to Divya, who was his girlfriend for 8 years. Vineeth and Divya are blessed with a baby boy and I get goosebumps when I see them wearing their little munchkin in Soul carriers. They are babywearing enthusiasts just like me. Lets now hear what’s their take on babywearing and Soul Slings.

Babywearing is now gaining importance worldwide. What are your thoughts on it?

Babywearing makes things easier when we are out with the baby. Our boy sleeps easily in the carrier and loves to look around while he is awake.

How did you get to know about the brand, Soul Slings?

We accidentally bumped into Soul Slings on Instagram.


Which Soul Carrier do you own? How does it benefit you as a parent?

We own:
Ring Sling – which we don’t use very often though it is a bit easier to carry.
Anoona – which we absolutely love and is our favourite
Meh Dai – we used it initially when little V was an infant and it was easier to wrap him. Now he wriggles out and does not let us wrap him so much.
Standard Full Buckle – our recent addition which is super easy to carry him in, as it has minimum adjustments.

Babywearing has made travelling with our infant super easy and comfortable for us and him.

Is your little one happy and comfortable to be worn?

He loves to be carried and close to us. And we absolutely love the feeling of having him close to our heart.

Could you please share your experience with Soul?

We love that all Soul carriers are cotton and breathable. It’s easy to be washed. And it’s colourful.

Who is more prone to baby carry? Is it you or Vineeth?

We both love wearing him and walking around 🙂

Have you ever got negative comments from people for using baby carriers? How do you manage to overcome that negativity?

None so far. In fact, so many people have complimented us while travelling for wearing him.

How do you find it useful while travelling?

We took a stroller on our first trip with little V, and understood how difficult it was to carry it around.. Babywearing is so much easy and comfortable. 

How do you feel about the quality of the carrier?

The quality of the carriers is good. But we find that sometimes the cheat clip in Annona turns inside out. And the waist button does not clip properly. Other than that no complaints.

Tell us about your one favourite moment with Soul.

Our favourite moments with soul is when little V naps on our chest. Its a wonderful feeling for both of us.

Would you recommend Soul Slings to your dear and near ones?

We definitely will. In fact, we have gifted them to our friends who are new parents.

What’s your final verdict on Soul carriers that you use?

The standard full buckle is super easy to use and one of the best.

So this is how this friendly talk went, and I am more than happy that this happened.


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