Babywearing with Soul – A Friendly Talk (Part 1)

Well well guys, I’m back again with something related to babywearing and our very own Soul Slings. This time, it’s not anything about my experience or any review or any tutorial! You can call it an interview, but I like to call it a friendly talk between two babywearing mommies who love their Soul carriers so very much.

Let me now introduce you to my dear friend Archana Nair, who is as crazy about babywearing, just like I am. She is a Malayalee, brought up in Delhi. She is married to  Mr Abhilash Menon, who contributes so much to parenting even on his busy work life and they both believe in equal parenting. They and a very active yet sweet toddler girl, who is their lifeline.

If you are on Instagram, you shouldn’t miss Archana’s Instagram handle ‘The Indian Parent‘. She is also a blogger and she writes her heart out there as well. Check out her blog here. Okay, let’s now get into the conversation we had about babywearing.

Babywearing is now gaining importance worldwide. What are your thoughts on it? 

Babywearing should be tried by all parents. Life is faster now, attachment parenting has new-found significance, and this is one way of doing that, apart from other functional advantages, it has.

How long have you been using baby carriers? 
We have been using it for 5months now and are totally loving it.
How did you get to know about the brand, Soul Slings?
Instagram. I was a bit late when I got to know about it, but I am happy that I now own a Soul carrier. I also got a chance to try out their carrier on TCP (Traveling Carrier Program).
Which Soul Carrier do you own? How does it benefit you as a parent? 
We own a Full Buckle Toddler carrier. It helps to multitask and help a tired toddler when we are out. It also ensures that she naps well when we are on the go.
Is your little one happy and comfortable to be worn? 
Yes. She loves it. She is always happy and comfortable in the carrier.
Could you please share your experience with Soul?
Very happy.  It has made our life much easier. We love the fact that their carriers are mostly cloth and very breathable and it helps manage a tired toddler. The uninterrupted naps that it facilitates, means that we are more mobile now, with zero guilt about disturbing our little one’s routines.
Who is more prone to baby carry? Is it you or Abhilash?!

Well, you travel a lot. How do you find it useful while travelling?
She sleeps well when she is worn. Also, solo journeys are possible. No fear of a fussing child!
How do you feel about the quality of the carrier?
We are fully satisfied. More comfortable than other options in the market.
Have you ever got negative comments from people for using baby carriers? How do you manage to overcome that negativity?
People are curious above all, I choose to answer their queries with facts and my own experience.
Tell us about your one favourite moment with Soul.

Evening walks with the little one. Those are extra special.
Would you recommend Soul Slings to your dear and near ones?
Yes, definitely. We love our Soul carrier so very much.
What’s your final verdict on Soul carriers that you use? 
10/10 , should have gone for it earlier.
See, we have almost the same opinions about babywearing and Soul Slings. Great minds think alike, LoL!


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