Soul Carriers – Wash & Care

Soul carriers have become a part of our lifestyle for a long time now. I have talked about the carriers I own and those I have used on TCP on my blog, on my Instagram handle and on my facebook page. So here I am to talk about the maintenance part of soul carriers.

Well, people usually have a feeling that it is a “task” to wash and maintain the baby carriers; I had too. But, It’s not! It is easy to maintain these wonderful carriers. Sharing how to wash and maintain soul carriers.


You can hand-wash or machine-wash your carriers with gentle eco-friendly detergents and it is advised not to use any kind of fabric softeners. I use rustic art for my baby’s clothes and cloth diapers and I use the same for washing baby carriers. Washing Soul carriers like wraps and ring slings make it even softer and snugger. A big NO to dry-cleaning and bleaching as it may weaken the fabric and dull the colours!

It is always suggested to wash your carrier before using it for the first time. Make sure you wash it separately for the initial washes as the colors might bleed a little. If you wash the carriers in the washing machine, make sure that any knots are to be opened out, buckles are to be closed and the rings are to be covered properly with a sock or a cloth in order to minimize any wear and tear and to protect your machine. I use a soft cloth to cover the rings before washing the ring slings. I also have anoonas and standard full buckle carriers, I tuck it inside a pillow-case, all covered, and then put it in the washing machine for washing.

Any Soul carrier can be spot-cleaned with a damp cloth. Do it before it gets dried out. Not just the carriers, in fact, any Soul product can be spot-cleaned.


If you get good sunlight, it’s always the best you make use of it. Line-dry the carriers which will help in retaining the colours of the fabric. It also gives a longer life for the carriers.


Steam ironing is highly recommended for Soul carriers, especially the linen ones, in order to give more softness to the fabric and to remove wrinkles. If it is not possible, you can iron the carrier when it is still slightly damp. Or spray some water and iron.

Do not bother to iron any padded or webbed areas, buckles, elastics or snaps.


Soul carriers come with an unbleached cotton storage bags and it the best to store your carrier inside the bag, when not in use. You might not always get this storage bag if you buy a pre-loved one; in that case, use a soft cotton cloth to wrap it up.

See guys, I told you this whole process is not a big deal. Wishing your Soul carriers a much much longer life. Happy Babywearing.


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