Ring Sling Tutorial

Hola guys, I am back. This time it’s a tutorial. Well, recently, I received a few queries about how to wear a ring sling and if it is easy to use, after seeing a few pictures of me wearing my kids using ring slings. Even though I responded to each and everyone, I thought to put this up as a blog post as I’m sure there would be more mommies with the same queries out there.

Before getting into the tutorial, lemme tell you that ring slings are super easy to use and most mommies love it because of its ease. Not just that, it’s not bulky like full buckle carriers, hence you can tuck it in your handbag and take out whenever necessary.

Okay, so here goes the tutorial:

  1. Place the ring sling over the shoulder. Gather the fabric and thread it through the rings.
  2. Pull it all the way through both the rings.
  3. And then pull it back over the second ring and through the first ring.
  4. At this point, make sure that the fabric is not twisted. Match the top and bottom rails in the centre of the two rings. Sort the fabric with your thumb and forefingers so there are no bunches or overlapping in that area.
  5. Lift your baby to one side and gently guide the baby’s legs under the fabric and make the baby sit along the fabric. Adjust the rings and make sure it’s up at your collarbone height. Make sure you still support your baby.
  6. Find the top rail and pull it over the baby’s back. Make a “seat” for the baby to sit by pulling up the bottom rail between you and the baby.
  7. Find the top rail and pull in the excess slack out through the ring, thereby tightening the back towards the baby. Tight the bottom rail the same way, without accidentally popping out the “seat”! Make sure you get a secure fit.

That’s it, folks. Didn’t I tell you it’s super easy?

Well, if you still have doubts, do check out this video on my YouTube Channel. I’m sure you won’t have any more doubts once you watch this. Also, do not forget to like, comment and subscribe to my channel. The link is right here.

Hope this helps. Happy babywearing.


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