Maze Pride Ring Sling – Review

This gorgeous ‘Maze Pride Ring Sling’ is one among my latest haul from Soul Slings. This ring sling was in my mind for so long and finally, I bought it..yay! Wearing the baby in a ring sling is so easy that bought one more ring sling this time. Well, yeah, I now own three ring slings. Not too much, huh?

This ‘Maze Pride’ is a single layer ring sling made up of 100% cotton in jacquard weave and is a light, cool and breathable sling which can be used to carry newborns to toddlers. Well, I wear my 11 months old baby and 3 and half-year-old preschooler (on request) in this very same carrier. That simply means even though this sling isn’t a thick or heavy carrier, it provides a lot of support and comfort for the kids. It didn’t take much time for the fabric to break well to be soft and cushy.

What I like most about this ring sling are its colours and the print/design. It has blue, which is one of my favourite colours and it has pink on it to make the sling adorable. Have to mention that the maze print given on it is just beautiful! My elder kid likes to move her finger through the maze, LoL!!

I chose size 1 when I bought this and thought that I made a mistake when I opened the package. But again, I was wrong! I could easily wear both my kids in it, just that there is no “long tail” at the end, which is definitely not a big deal for me. However, Soul has an awesome customer and was ready to exchange it for a bigger size, but then I didn’t find a reason to do so. I kept it and we are loving it.

Details of Maze Pride given on Soul website:

  • Color – Blue and pink. Iridescent blue and pink create some serious shimmer. (I totally agree.)
  • Fiber – 100% cotton in the jacquard weave
  • Weight recommended – up to 15 kg/33 lb
  • Width – 28 inches wide

Final verdict – I totally love this carrier!!


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