Budget-Friendly Babywearing

It’s been a long since I started talking about babywearing and my favourite brand, Soul Slings. I have already mentioned it, saying it again, I am a babywearing addict. It gives so much of independence and both the baby and I love babywearing. I do talk to people about the importance of babywearing and about choosing the right carriers too. But, I have to admit the fact that baby carriers are expensive, even if there are people who buy more than one carrier.

Well, I personally have come across a lot of people, online and offline, who like to try out baby carriers and to be a babywearer, but cannot spend so much of money on baby carriers. I myself have bought a carrier to use it for my elder kid when she was a baby, not knowing what an ergonomic carrier is and what “M” position means!! Bought it from a local store and it was super cheap. And trust me, I didn’t use it much because a backache started after using it for a couple of weeks!! You will not face such issues with Soul carriers as they come with the best of baby carriers.

Still, as I mentioned earlier, there are expensive carriers. The type of fabrics used, the tools that are used in the making, the manual labour involved etc are the reasons for the cost, and I believe that is not at all overpriced because of these same reasons. Now, lemme tell you a few tips while buying a baby carrier.

TCP/ Traveling Carrier Program

Okay, so if you are all new to this concept of babywearing and would like to try out a baby carrier before actually owning one, there is an option called TCP aka Traveling Carrier Program. Soul Slings allow you this facility where a carrier will be sent to you and you can use it for a week. And once you are convinced with the type of the carrier, its fabric and all its benefits, you can finally decide on making a purchase. Isn’t that a wonderful choice? Contact the Soul team to know more about TCP. Get their contact details here.

Buy a Pre-loved Baby Carrier

No, this isn’t a bad idea at all!! Baby carriers last so long that people actually sell these off once they are done using them. These are made with so much care and perfection that it is always better to be used as much as possible, don’t you think so? Well, I myself bought a preloved Soul ring sling before I purchased another ring sling from the Soul Website. Now, there are a few facebook pages where you can buy these preloved baby carriers.

  • Soul Family: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GlobalSoulFamily/
  • Babywearing India: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BWIndia/
  • Wrap your baby – Babywearing in India: https://www.facebook.com/groups/babywearingindia/

Get the Best and Reasonable Option for You

So yes, there are different types of baby carriers and the prices vary according to the different types. The most reasonable and the best option is a ring sling, as it can be used from the very beginning until toddlerhood.


Did you know Soul celebrated their birthday recently and there were sales on their website throughout the month of April? Watch out for when their sales are happening and just grab it guys.


Trust me, there are a lot of people doing giveaways. I did too on my Instagram handle, recently. At times, Soul themselves do it too. Check out their Instagram handles and Facebook pages and groups to know when these happen.
I really hope I have shared a decent amount of knowledge to you guys about how to go for a budget-friendly babywearing. Wishing you all the best and happy babywearing you guys.


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