Standard Vs. Toddler FB Carrier

When I was introduced to the world of babywearing, I had a very little knowledge about the same. Slowly, I learnt about the many types of carriers, different ways of using carriers, the many fabrics used etc. Among all, Ring Slings and Full Buckle Carriers have become my personal favourites!! I’m not sure if you will believe, but I own three ring slings, two anoonas and one standard full buckle carrier currently.

Frankly speaking, initially, I had too many doubts regarding standard full buckle carriers and toddler full buckle carriers. Why not use the same standard full buckle carrier for toddlers as well! I googled, it helped. I talked to the experts from Soul team, and I got the answers to all my doubts. And I thought to share it with you guys. Afterall, sharing is caring!

So, ‘right fit’ is the key. There are a few factors which determine the right fit. Let’s dig in.

  • The carrier should provide a knee-to-knee support; that is one basic rule. Standard FB carriers have a lesser knee-to-knee width than the Toddler FB carriers which makes it difficult for the bigger kids to properly sit in the carrier for a longer duration.
  • The carrier should get an M position; yet another basic rule. And the M position is attained to get a proper back support for the baby/toddler. To get a proper back support, one should have the right fit.

Got a bit confused? Don’t worry. To make you understand a bit easier, let us take examples; Merlot standard full buckle carrier and Merlot toddler full buckle carrier from Soul Slings.


Weight recommendation: 7 – 18 kg (15 – 40 lb) approx.
Seat width (knee-to-knee): 15.5 inches.
Body panel height: 17 inches.






Weight recommendation: 11 – 22 kg (25 – 50 lb) approx.
Seat width (knee-to-knee): 19 inches.
Body panel height: 18.5 inches.






I hope this makes things pretty much clear. It’s just that the dimensions of these two differ, which makes it easy for the toddlers to use a toddler FB carrier and the babies to use a standard FB carrier. Get the correct fit and just rock it!


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