Hands-free breastfeeding on the go!

If you are a breastfeeding mother, you will definitely be knowing the importance of breast-milk and why it is important to breastfeed your baby. I am glad I could breastfeed my elder kid until about 28-30 months. I had to discontinue only because I got pregnant again and I was feeling fatigued (almost always!!) during the first trimester of my pregnancy!

Even though we mothers are more than happy to breastfeed our little ones, breastfeeding in public is still a nightmare for many. I have sailed in the same boat with the elder one. I used to run searching for a feeding room to breastfeed the baby! I have got inside the trial rooms, the car..just to breastfeed the baby!! I have friends who have gotten inside a toilet just to breastfeed her baby!! TRUE STORY. But now the things have changed at my end, and I want the same to happen at your end too. Hence this article.

When I received my Soul carrier, I thought it was just for wearing my baby. Only a little later I realised that I can breastfeed in my carrier. Yes, a hands-free breastfeeding!! Isn’t that exciting, momma? I recently had gone for a day out with my friends to Fort Kochi and babywearing actually kept me sane. It was a hassle-free journey. I could breastfeed Baby B whenever she demanded and it didn’t stop me from being with my friends on the beach!

Here are a few tips that you may check to be ready to start breastfeeding while babywearing in public places.
♥ Be patient enough to acquire the skill. You may have to practice it before mastering it.
♥ Make sure you wear a stretchy top or a maternity wear.
♥ Try to get an upright (tummy-to-tummy) position while breastfeeding.
♥ You don’t need to carry anything separate to cover while breastfeeding. The tails of the ring sling or the wide shoulder cross strap of the wrap or the hood of the meh dai/ buckled carriers can be used instead.

Sharing a few YouTube videos of how to breastfeed in Soul carriers by Soul Slings.
Soul Wrap/ Ring Sling:

Soul Meh Dai:

Soul Full Buckle:

Soul Anoona:

Note: Not every mother is able to breastfeed their kids due to various reasons. This article is in no way intended to hurt the feelings of any of them.



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