Review – Merlot (Linen) Full Buckle carrier by Soul Slings


It is a well-known fact that Soul makes the prettiest baby carriers with the most amazing fabrics. This year they have come up with a whole new range of baby carriers, just last week, with the best quality linen! And I was super lucky to host one such carrier – Merlot Full Buckle. I have hosted many other carriers earlier, but this one is special and I decided to do a review so that you also get to know why I love this carrier.

Have you heard the word Merlot? There is a beverage, Merlot Wine, and that’s where the name of this carrier came from. It captures the reds of the wine, and thus the name! The name, as well as the carrier, is eye catchy. I fall in love with it the very first time I opened the package!

  • Carrier – Merlot Full Buckle
  • Fibre – Pure 100% Linen
  • Weight Recommendation – 7-18 kg (15-40 lb) approximately

Merlot is one of the most beautiful carriers I have used. It is a dual colour carrier, which means that it has two different colours on both the sides. The main reason behind it is the twill weave with certain patterns woven to them, in a slight diagonal way, which makes it a stronger, sturdier and a bit stretchy carrier. Basically, they use 2 colours of threads to weave and this results in a totally new third colour which gives it a gorgeous visual design.

Merlot is made up of premium quality linen which is super soft and light. They weigh about 220 gsm, which means that the carrier is lightweight and thin at the same time not super thin, but just perfect. They are absolutely cool, airy and breathable, making it excellent for the Indian weather since its almost always hot and humid here! That doesn’t mean it is not favourable in the cold places. In fact, it is.

Linen is thermoregulatory, it will not allow too much loss of body heat at the same time it will not allow too much penetration of the cold into your body. That simply means you can use it in a hot country, like India, as well as in cold countries. It is summer friendly as well as winter friendly. While you are in a cold place, you can use a babywearing jacket or a shawl to keep you and the baby warm.

The carrier’s body panel is so soft, floppy and thin and the buckles are perfect and easy to adjust. The waist belts and the straps are gentle to use and give a perfect fit.

These linen carriers are naturally anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. Eco-friendly because the fabric is sustainable and biodegradable. Maintaining these linen carriers is the easiest of all. These can be spot-cleaned with a moist, soft cloth. It is easy to wash and easy to dry, you don’t need to give too much of care to this carrier.

I already own a linen carrier, that is Dream Anoona by Soul, and I thought all linens are the same. I was completely wrong! The earlier versions of Soul linen and the latest version is completely different.

  • The old and the new linens have different gages, thicknesses and weaves.
  • The earlier version of linen has an overall weight of 765-770 grams approximately whereas the latest versions have an overall weight of 740 grams approximately.
  • The earlier ones are semi wrap conversions whereas the new ones are full wrap conversions.
  • The overall GSM of the latest linens is at 220 whereas in the earlier versions the base panel is at 220 gsm and the top fabric is at about 145-150 gsm.

Merlot, being one of the most gorgeous linen carriers, have all the benefits of the linen fabric. Do pop into the Soul website and check out all latest additions. Direct link to this carrier on Soul website is right here. Also, watch this video if you are new to babywearing.



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