Surviving this Summer with SOUL – Part 2


Even if you are here for the first time, you might know that I have already written a blog post on the same topic (obviously because I have written ‘part 2’ on the title!), but that was about the carriers to be used and the different fabrics. Do read it here.

What I realized recently is that we should not stop babywearing just because it is summer! Here I am pointing out certain tips and tricks which you can follow while babywearing in SUMMER!! Read along…

Stay dehydrated. 

Do take a bottle of water both for your little one as well as for you, and drink a lot of water. Make sure you as well as the baby drinks enough water at regular intervals. This is inevitable even if you are not babywearing!! It is important to make sure that you and the kid don’t go dehydrated! Since I am now trying to follow a sustainable living, I insist on having a steel/glass bottle for yourself and for the kids and taking it whenever you go out rather than buying one every single time you step out!

Breastfeeding is a great option to make the babies hydrated. Check out the video here to know how to breastfeed while babywearing.

Do make the baby wear a hat.

Lil N has a Soul hat and she loves wearing it while going out in the sun. If yours is a full buckle carrier, you can just use the hood to cover the baby’s head. Even the tail of the ring slings can be used to cover the baby’s head from the sun. Just make sure that whatever you use to cover your baby’s/ toddler’s head, it shouldn’t be thick.

Dress the right way. 

The clothes that both you and the babywearing should be light and airy. A single-layered dress with natural fabrics like cotton or linen would be apt for the season. Also, make sure to wear and make the baby wear light coloured dresses, since dark colours, especially black absorbs heat!

Ditch the regular baby shoes, use soul shoes instead. 

Since those are made out of pure natural fabrics, those are lightweight and airy and super soft to use.

Make sure not to get out during the daytime.

Evenings are perfect for a walk with the babies. 10 AM to 5 PM is considered as the hottest hours of the day, hence getting out with the baby during that time is better to be avoided.

Do take rest under the shades in between. 

Be smart and find places to rest for some time with the baby. It is always better to slow down a bit, at times.

Unwrap as and when required.

It is absolutely okay to take a break and thereby letting the trapped heat go away if any.

Even if we do everything to make it work, tend to sweat. Sweating is NATURAL, perfectly ALRIGHT as well. Sweating helps to cool down your body and it is a good thing, don’t you agree?


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