Soul Harmony Ring Sling Review


By now you know how much obsessed I am with baby carriers and with the whole concept of babywearing. I am finding reasons to let the world know more about my new found love. Babywearing is such an addiction. I swear I don’t go out without the carrier whenever I take baby B with me. I did try to carry her without the baby carrier, and I had to take out the carrier within 2-3 minutes! It gives such a great comfort.

Here, I am up with the review of Harmony Ring Sling from Soul Slings. Since I am now one of the Brand Ambassadors of Soul Slings, I got a chance to host this beautiful ring sling recently. Wondering what a ring sling is? A Ring Sling is a long woven fabric that gets pulled through a set of rings that are stitched to the fabric at one end, thereby creating a pouch like space to carry your baby. If you are in a hurry, ring slings are going to be a life savour.

Even though I own Soul Peace Ring Sling, I was equally excited to try out this gorgeous single layered Harmony Ring Sling the very moment I received it. Baby B was calm and comfortable in it, as usual. Lil N demanded to be carried and she was obviously the first to be carried in it. This girl likes ring slings more than the full buckle carriers. The most important factor is that it is suitable for all body types. Yes yes, ring slings are so versatile that these can be used from the very first day of the baby’s birth until he/she attains 15 kg (33 lb). You can manage clingy babies as well as wiggly toddlers with the ring slings. There is an added advantage to it. You can even use it as a blanket once the baby sleeps off and is transferred to the bed.

The ring sling is made of 100% pure cotton. Even though the fabric is not as soft as linen, it is softer than the normal cotton fabric. At the same time, it is lightweight, sturdy and breathable. And it gets softer with each wash.

What attracted me more is the vibrant colours it has. This one is from the gradient series and it is a mix of turquoise blue and dark blue stripes on a sea green base colour. Well, I have a thing for the blue and green combination. The ring sling that I own has the same colour combination, but is entirely a different one!

Soul always makes sure to bring budget-friendly baby carriers. This is one such affordable carrier which is priced at Rs. 1800/- INR. Check out here to view and buy the Harmony Ring Sling from Soul. Make sure to select the right size before grabbing one.

Ring slings are a bit tricky to start using for those first-timers. But once you get a hold of it, you are gonna love it for sure. These are super comfortable and very easy to manage. It is the perfect carrier to take with you while going for a walk or for shopping. It can be tucked into your handbag and can be worn easily.

And mommies, if you haven’t already started babywearing and is ready to give it a try, do check out the Soul website hereAnd do not hesitate to come to me if you have any queries.


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