Super Blogger Academy. What and Why?#superbloggerchallenge2018

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And just like that, this Super Blogger Challenge 2018 is now coming to an end. And I have mixed feelings! Why? No idea!!!

To be frank, I got into this Super Blogger Academy coincidentally! I wasn’t aware that there are such academies for blogging and there are such challenges/contests! I still remember the day I saw a post about this Super Blogger Challenge on a fellow blogger’s Instagram stories. I ignored initially because I thought that would be a waste of time! But later when I found out that a few bloggers that I admire are joining, I thought I should give it a try too. I am an amateur blogger and I made up my mind not to miss a chance to learn more. And that’s how it all started!
It was completely a new platform. The hosts were new, the sponsor was new, the terms were new..infact every single thing was new to me! But I survived, only because of the support I got from the hosts and the fellow bloggers who are taking part in the challenge. Now I have friends here. Now I know a lot about blogging. The change is BIG. Or rather, HUGE!

But, it wasn’t easy. With the two kids, managing them, doing other household stuff and then finding time for the challenge and social media, it was a real task. There were days (read, a lot of days) I stayed late-night up to 2 AM or 3 AM for completing the tasks, homeworks etc. See, if you need to gain something, you need to struggle, right? I struggled too, and I can proudly say that I have gained a lot.

They do not follow the spoon-feeding method to teach things. There are homeworks (like I mentioned earlier), there are tasks to be completed. The terms like Mailchimp, Shareaholic etc were something that I haven’t even heard before, but I learned from them. Again, we were supposed to research on these. And I believe that exactly is the right way to teach. Ofcourse, there are search engines like google, youtube etc.. to help us out, right?

It wasn’t just about blogging, but they also covered the importance of social media and how it should be effectively used. Until recently all I did was to just write a blog post, publish it and then share it on my Facebook page and Instagram handle. I didn’t know the importance of other social media like Twitter and Pinterest! I didn’t even have a twitter account but started one after knowing it’s importance. I had been using Pinterest for ages, but I was totally unaware that it was one of the best platforms to drive traffic to your blog and a lot more!

I hope anyone who is a newbie blogger or is happy to learn more about blogging, you should never miss a chance like this. Trust me, it’s worth all the effort. And by the way, you might not see everything that I learnt from the Super Blogger Academy here on my blog now. That’s because

  1. I am planning to make my blog a self-hosted one
  2. I am planning to make a few more changes on my blog

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