Wear your happiness!

Disclaimer: this picture is taken from the Soul’s Official FB Page.

Carry your babies! Don’t you think those boundless hugs is the best thing that can make you the happiest? Okay, I know these hugs are not the only reason you wear the babies and to be happy about, there’s a lot more. But if you had asked me about this whole concept of baby wearing and stuff a year back or so, maybe I would have frowned my face, just because I was not aware of the brand Soul Slings and their wide range of baby carriers!!

I did use a baby carrier that I bought from a local shop in Kerala (India) when little N was a baby and I didn’t even continue using it for more than a month!! I was traveling to the UK and I was forced to use this until we bought a stroller for her. And I was sure I was not going to buy another carrier nor gonna use the old one for my second baby! But then, through the mom community on Instagram, I got to know about the importance of baby wearing and about this amazing brand!

To be frank, initially, just like any other parent, I too had doubts!! I wasn’t so sure about the brand or the whole concept of babywearing. I then researched, read reviews, talked to mothers who have used baby carriers. I was finally convinced and my search for the best brand ended up with Soul Carriers. Thanks to my mommy friends on Instagram for that. The fabric they use, the care and fidelty they give on making each and every product is astounding!

I love Soul products so much that I own a Ring Sling, Anoona and a Full Buckle Doll Carrier (for my toddler girl, ofcourse). I’m now waiting for the Sun Hat and a pair of Shoes to reach me, that I ordered for my little ones recently. And I was super lucky to host the Serene Full Buckle from their all-new ‘Gradient Series’. Now, do you think I’m going to stop buying my favourite carriers and accessories? No way, especially now that they have launched the drool pads and I’m sure I can expect much more from them. Fingers crossed!

Even though I have both the ring sling as well as the anoona, I use anoona while going out with the kids. It’s so easy to use and baby B is happy to be carried that way. At the same time, I can very well take care of my little N and her needs so very well.

Even though I wear only baby B while going out, I make sure I find time to wear my darling N when at home atleast. How can I deny her the same happiness and affection that I give the younger one!

Oh, and the joy of wearing my babies is unbeatable!! Those cuddles, those nosey-nosies, those kissy-kissies, those cute little hugs..ahh, the list is endless…!!

Why o why didn’t I know about Soul when little N was a baby!!! That’s my only dejection as of now!
This post is written as a part of the “Happiness blog train” presented by Blogsikka and Mom’sMethods and sponsored by “Nayasa“. Nayasa has come up with a new range of bottles. This range of bottles are insulated, they maintain the liquid’s temperature inside the bottle either hot or cold. The new designs are practical and aesthetic. From holding in palms to the cap, everything is designed carefully.
A big thanks to Sinduja who introduced me to this blog train. She is a supermom to a tiny squish and is a very passionate blogger.
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    Blogsikka.com says:

    When I used to carry my daughter in baby wearing I used to look her sleeping face, where she knew that she is in protected hands and listening to her heart beat I used to feel on top of world

  2. Avatar
    Neha Sharma says:

    Babywearing came as a savior for us when we had to travel, we love to walk and go on trekking trips. All thanks to babywearing that we fulfilled our adventure dreams when our son was small. However, I never got a chance to try Soul Slings at that time.

  3. Avatar
    Sharvari Paivaidya Mehan says:

    I dint know about soul slings till my son turned 1. Baby wearing is so good for both mum and child. But I’ve heard such great reviews if soul slings. Will check them out.

  4. Avatar
    jhilmildsaha says:

    I want to thank the person who has come up with the idea of baby carrying. Its a great way to do our chores or travel without the fear of what our baby is doing.

  5. Avatar
    Ashh says:

    Baby slings are perfect way to keep your child closer while doing your work. Plus it gives your arms a little rest too..lol. I love these!!

  6. Avatar
    Expatdiariesk says:

    Awwie Whenever I see any write up about baby wearing I really regret as I couldn’t do it because I cudnt get a nice baby carrier, invested money in two three but all went to waste, I’m surely keeping tips for the next bby to come 😀

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