The BUCKET LIST! #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

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I am pretty sure that every individual has their own bucket list. Written or not, that doesn’t matter. They have! I have mine too. But trust me, my list is huge! I don’t want to write pages of my Bucket List, hence cut it shirt to just 10!

Visit Santorini, Greece.

I have lived in Europe for about 7-8 months and have visited 6 countries on the same continent. I am lucky, I know. But we couldn’t visit this beautiful place which is situated far away from the Netherlands, where we lived! It has been a dream for very long and I am sure I will get there sometime for sure.

See the Northern Lights.

I was completely unaware of this term until one day my sister called me and asked if we can see the northern lights in Amsterdam, soon after I shifted to that place! I had to google it and find what it actually is!!! And no, we cannot see them in the Netherlands. We had visited Finland in December 2016 along with my sister and family and our main agenda was to see the northern lings. And that’s the only thing we missed!!! Bad luck, nothing else!

Star a Diary and write in it Every Single Day.

This is my every year’s New Year resolution! I have been trying this frequently, but somewhere somehow I lose the track!!

Make a kite and fly it.

I remember, our cousin used to make kites and we used to fly it high in the sky, in our childhood days. But I never got a chance to make one. I need to make one, a real one and fly it with my kids and Mr. V.

Let go of a floating Lantern.

This has been a dream ever since I have heard about the whole idea of the floating lanterns. I am not sure if anyone that I know has done this, but I would definitely love it if I get a chance.

Own a house/apartment and design it by myself.

Okay, I wasn’t mentioning the designing of the whole house/apartment as such. I can anyhow do the interior part, isn’t it? Well, wait and see, LoL!

Plan and do at least one Big Event.

I always wanted to be an event manager. Err..not always though! I started to dream about being an event manager during my post graduation. But somehow I ended up as an HR professional and now a stay at home mother!

Build a snowman.

I did have enough opportunities to build one, but somehow I couldn’t!!

Be a momtrepreneur.

This is a recent addition to the list, yet one of my favourites. I had initial talks and meet-ups with two of my friends to start a new venture, but had to drop it due to some personal issues! That means I need to wait a little longer for this.

Be a well-known Blogger.

Umm..not too bad to be on the list, right?

And I can happily say that I have stricken off ‘many’ others, which were included in my bucket list, before.DWUf1FaU8AAXgFF

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  1. Avatar
    richa mina says:

    wow, I’ll add few of your to do’s to my bucket list too (if you don’t mind) i’ve always wanted to see northern lights & sail on gondolas #superbloggerchallenge2018.

  2. Avatar
    Neha Sharma says:

    Few things you can easily plan and do and strike them off of the list to make space for the new ones. And reading your post, I just got an idea to make a list for myself too. And a visit to Santorini will be there for sure 😉

  3. Avatar
    nameeshn24 says:

    I definitely wish you best of luck to achieve all that you desire. Infact, many of the items in your bucket list also appear in my todo list in life, hopefully i can also fulfill them 🙂

  4. Avatar
    vartikasdiary says:

    Interesting bucket list. Santorini and Northern lights are on top of my list for quite a while now…waiting for the day to explore the beauty. I love the idea of lantern too, quite unique and beautiful.

  5. Avatar
    Jalaj Arora says:

    I actually have made a kite but failed to fly it because at that time I didn’t knew how to fly it. Already done with Greece & someday I’ll do cover the Northern lights too. Btw my main task on the bucket list is to become a full time traveller. Explore new places, get social, do things I have never done before and connect even more with the nature. Nature is the only best thing with which a person can connect without any limitations & barriers.

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