Tackle The Common Babywearing Mistakes With SOUL

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Babywearing, while done in the right manner, is the best thing you can offer your baby. I have been wearing my baby since she was about five months old, thanks to Soul Slings,, but I had to wait a bit to be a regular baby-wearer because of some mistakes that I was doing, unknowingly! Oh, and I should have bought my Peace Ring Sling as soon as Baby B was born. Or maybe I should have been ready with it, even before her arrival!
Okay, now getting back to the topic, there are a few common mistakes that people do while using baby carriers. These issues usually occur with wraps and ring slings. Using these might not seem as easy as it looks in the pictures and videos. It might seem a bit tricky initially. It could take some time and practice to get a hand on it. But once you get the whole idea of it, you are going to simply love it. You might wonder how can I know about wraps and about the mistakes related to it. Guys, I am blessed with many mommy friends and we are all part of the SOUL Family. And babywearing mistakes do not limit to using wraps and ring slings. Read ahead and you will know what all are the common mistakes one makes!
Buying wrong size carriers:
Yes, there are different sizes of wraps and ring slings. Even I wasn’t aware of this fact while researching on baby carriers. My first guide was the Soul website. And their team was more than happy to respond to my queries. Also, there is a YouTube Channel for Soul where you can find many videos on the many carriers and how you should wear the baby and many more. Do watch the videos here.
So yes, if you are intending to buy a wrap of a ring sling, do not forget that there are different sizes and you need to buy the one that suits you the best. Make sure it is not too big or too small.
The Soul Wraps usually have sizes from 3 to 14 and the Ring Slings have sizes from 1 to 4. See the below tables to get an idea about the sizes of wraps and ring slings. But always feel free to get in touch with the Soul Team if you feel doubtful.
                         Size Chart of SOUL Wraps:
                         Size Chart of SOUL Ring Slings:
Ring Slings - Size Chart
It is important that you position the baby carrier as well as your baby the right way, be it a Wrap or a Ring Sling or a Full Buckle or an Onbuhimo!  People tend to do this mistake a lot. All the instructions are given in the SOUL manual and please do not hesitate to read the manual completely before the first attempt to use the baby carrier. Make sure you don’t wear it too loose or too tight. Carrying the baby too low is bad for the baby as well as for yourself. It eventually results in back pain!
Quality of the carrier:
I had a very bad experience with a baby carrier that I bought from a local store when Little N was a baby! I totally regret that I was completely unaware of Soul Slings and their wonderful carriers back then! But I can now vouch for the Soul carriers and I am super proud that I have chosen the best brand for my babies. Yes, for them both (at least now!). I do carry my bigger baby also, at times, usually because she demands it. And I love wearing her too.
Like I told you before, babywearing is the best gift you can give your baby if done right. SOUL assures you all the goodness that needs to be in a carrier. They ensure the best quality fabric and they do not compromise on safely and literally on anything for that matter! Do check out their website to know more about their carriers.


And hey, if you are looking to buy a new SOUL Carrier, I can give you a 10% discount with the discount code ‘Nimmy10’. Make sure you register on the Soul Website before making purchases. Note that this code is valid only in India. And this is applicable only for SOUL Carriers and not for any accessories. Also, this code is not applicable to carriers which are already on sale.
Happy Shopping & Happy Babywearing!


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