Angamaly Diaries – The Food Culture Of Angamaly #SuperBloggerChallenge2018


Angamaly is quite famous for its food culture and has unique food styles. If you are a Keralite/Malayali/Mallu and have seen the movie Angamaly Diaries, you know what I mean. I hail from Angamaly, hence I have immense pleasure to talk about the food habits we possess.

  • The staple dish of this place is Pork, you don’t get such good pork anywhere else in Kerala. We have different varieties of pork recipes, just like the Goans, but entirely different! If you don’t know, Goa is the best-known place for Pork in the entire country. Pork is one dish that is served at every wedding here, usually, pork dry fry, pork fry, pork with raw banana (pork’um kayayum), pork with chinese potato, pork with coconut pieces, pork with black chickpeas (bengal gram), pork with tapioca etc. And the combination with raw banana is our family favourite.

pork and raw bananaThis is a picture ‘pork with raw banana’ and is taken from my sister’s blog. If you would like to try out this dish, please find the recipe here.

  • Angamaly Mango Curry (Angamaly Manga Curry) is so luscious that once you taste it, you will not leave without getting its recipe! Coconut milk is the highlight here, for 2 slices of a mango, you need coconut milk from 1 whole coconut. I remember, in my childhood days for small functions like family get-togethers and all, Uncles used to strain the coconut milk with a white cotton cloth. The quantity of the grated coconut will be so much that it’s difficult to strain through a strainer!! The authentic ‘Angamaly Manga Curry’ that they serve at the weddings have the bits and pieces of cooked fish as well. Now don’t ask me how it’s made. But the aroma of the cooked Manga Curry itself is luscious!!

IMG_20150513_220650605.jpgAmma-made Manga Curry (Mango Curry)

  • Beef – For us, it’s not just a beef fry or beef roast! We do combinations, like beef with coconut pieces, beef with chinese potato, beef with raw banana etc. Beef with chinese potato is my favourite and I can have a pot full of rice with just this one dish! No kidding!!! We also make beef curry in coconut milk, and that’s just sumptuous!!!

IMG_20180304_140059109.jpgAmma-made beef fry with coconut pieces (beef’um thenga kothum)

I am not getting into any of the recipes here, maybe in another post someday! But hey, do try out the authentic recipes once you get a chance to be here. Oh, and if you are travelling to Kochi/Ernakulam via flight, you can definitely step down here, since the Cochin International Airport is just 4 km away from Angamaly Town.

Disclaimer: Everything written above is according to the best of my knowledge.


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