Why Do Women Have All The Fun, Let's Pass A Few On To Men!

We women, are super powerful, don’t you agree? We get to experience a hell lot of privileges as well. Don’t you think men deserve to at least know a few? I would be contented if I could pass these amazing privileges to them, if at all I get a chance to! Actually, there are a lot of such benefits, but jotting down just a few!
Wear a Saree and be Sesky: Saree is meant to be the sexiest outfit, at least in India because we don’t wear a bikini and walk publicly! There will be those eyes following the belly/belly button when we wear a saree, but it’s kinda customary here and nobody cares! Just can’t imagine men wearing a saree and showing off their abs doing a catwalk!! LoL.
Breastfeed your baby in public: Breastfeeding is one of the best joys of motherhood, unless it’s done in a public place. You very well know what I mean, right? Again, this is another “customary thing” that are followed in our country, and then nobody complains!! Let the men enjoy the privilege of getting those “stares”.
Be a multitasker: Being a mother is no child’s play. Sleep for less than 5 hours and do a full time ‘mommy job’. You need to cook for the family, get your hubby ready for his job, bathe your kid/s, feed them, clean their pee/poop, make them sleep (quite a big task!) and then take your kid to the toilet when you have to do the business (of course you can’t let your kid stay alone in a room crying the whole time)!! Men, have the privilege to experience these joys.
Get judged for almost everything: If you are a woman, you get judged at least once a lifetime! And if you are a mother, chances to be judged are double!! You start breastfeeding a baby, you get judged for not feeding the baby in the right amount, proportion, blah, blah! You start weaning your baby at 6 months, you get judged for being too late! You stop breastfeeding early, you get judged for that; you continue breastfeeding for a few more years, you judged for that too! And what not!!! Men, get it all for yourself.
Celebrate your own birthday: Bake a cake, cut it yourself, eat it yourself, take a selfie and put it on the social media. Let the world know it’s your birthday and that you are celebrating it your way. Oh yeah, I have done it a lot. Men, wouldn’t you be delighted to own these privileges?

So, here’s to Men – Cheers & Happy Women’s Day!!

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    Sonam Jain says:

    I so agree with the judging part.. we are so judged for everything we do right or wrong.. men will go mad if this happens to them

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