Babywearing – A Boon! #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

The term babywearing is basically not new to the world history. Mothers used to carry their kids even in the ‘black and white’ era, that is like in the early 1900s. Back then they used long cloths to carry the babies and managed to get their routines done. And they knew how important attachment parenting is! And the one thing which I have to mention is that the modern mothers promote attachment parenting, which definitely is a big leap.
Now many of you might wonder what Babywearing is! Well, its nothing but carrying your babies in a piece of cloth, close to your body. But trust me, these are serious game changers. This practice has a great impact on both the babies and on the mothers.

  • Bonding: Strengthens the bond between the baby and the parent (whoever carries the baby).
  • Sleepy Dust: These carriers usually do wonders for the baby and make them fall asleep with no much time.
  • Super Easy & Convenient: You get to access/move your hands freely. That means a mom can do her chores without taking much effort even while carrying her baby. You can even do workouts, carrying your baby.
  • A Happy Baby: Babies who are worn tend to cry less.
  • Feeding On The Go: Yes yes, you needn’t find a feeding room to breastfeed your baby if you have a baby carrier.
  • Travel-Friendly: You needn’t carry the bulky strollers, but a carrier which you can fold up and keep inside your bag after the use. Do I need to say more?

Babywearing is now gaining popularity in the present era, due to the perks they possess. There are a lot of Indian and International brands of baby carriers available in the market. Before buying a carrier, you first need to know the two basic classifications of baby carriers; ergonomic and non-ergonomic carriers. Ergonomic carriers are those which gives a natural support to the hip of the baby. It is referred to as an M position, where the baby’s bottom is lower than the knees, the hips spread out over 90 degrees and the knees flexed. Whereas non-ergonomic carriers are those which doesn’t give a knee to knee support and is not recommended at all!! Since I wasn’t aware of these classifications, the one I bought when Nonu was a baby, was a non-ergonomic carrier!! I pity myself for doing that!!! At least I could correct it this time, for baby Belle. Thank God for the Instagram Family and the mom bloggers, I got to know many many things from these platforms, including modern babywearing.
Now there are different types of baby carriers and one need to buy a carrier which is suitable for the baby as well as the one who carries. Here I make a petite effort to make you understand the basic idea about the different types of baby carriers that are available.

  • Wraps: Wraps are a rectangular shaped long piece cloth that is wrapped around on the baby and the one who carries the baby. It promotes skin-to-skin contact and is the best option to carry your newborn, also it can be used up to toddler years.


Now don’t get surprised when I say you can wrap your baby in a saree (or any cotton/linen long cloth) as well. I have done it when Baby Belle was about 5 months old.

  • Ring Slings: These are a rectangular shaped long piece cloth just like a wrap, but with two rings sewn to it on one end. The other tail of the sling passes through the rings and thereby creates a pouch to carry the baby. These carriers are better convenient than wraps. Front carry and hip carry are possible with the ring slings. These can also be used from newborn to toddlerhood.


  • Full Buckle: These are the most popular and demanded baby carriers. These have a wide seating, padded waistband & shoulder straps and buckles to make things easy. You can start using it when the child is about 5.5 kg. These allow both front and back carry options.


  • Meh Dai: These are soft and comfortable carriers which allow both front carry and back carry options. These give the baby a perfect seating just like the full buckle carriers. But instead of the buckles, these have a waist strap to tie across the waist. These can be used from month 1 to toddlerhood.


  • Onbuhimo: It works exactly like a backpack, just that you are carrying a baby on your back. These are waistless buckle carriers and are super convenient on the go. These are designed for toddlers from age 1.


*Please Note: All the pictures used above are taken from Google.*

PS: I will be writing about my favourite baby carrier brand without much delay (hopefully!!).


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    spokenthoughts says:

    Just received my soul sling full buckle yesterday. Trying to figure it out before carrying the little one. First time Mamma and first time babywearing, hence all the confusion

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    nameeshn24 says:

    Baby wearing is definite yes for parents which helps build more bond with the children. Nice review on things that needs to be taken care and how it benefits. Will share with my friends to read and learn more about this.

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    Thanks for sharing this, every parent would love to read this. I am going to share it with my cousins who will love it…

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    That was a very helpful and insightful post I need to inform this to my friend was pregnant and is looking for a good baby wear.

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    Good informative post. didnt realise there were so many options in baby wearng. We see the women in villages and working fields wear their babies, and finally this practical practice has made a come-back! / come to the cities too!

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