Mama Earth Dusting Powder – Product Review


I have not used any baby powder on my baby, even though I have an untouched one of an international brand inside my shelf. Simply because I knew how badly the ingredients can affect the baby’s mild skin, and I totally didn’t want that to happen!!
That’s when sent me this product. To be frank, I did think twice and did a lot of research before even trying this on my baby. But trust me, I’m now in love with this one. Where else can you find a dusting powder for babies with ORGANIC OATMEAL & ARROWROOT POWDER?!! Yes yes, you heard it right. These two are the key ingredients along with Agrana Corn Starch, Zinc Oxide, Roman Chamomile Oil and Lavender Oil. Apart from that, this all natural powder is hypoallergenic and is free from talc, dyes and paraben. How cool is that!
Now I can use it on my highly sweaty babies without a second thought. And yes, I totally recommend this to you all. And hey, have to mention that the packaging is just awesome. My toddler girl tried her best, but couldn’t open it by herself. Yeyy, #momwin.
Btw, you can buy this ‘all natural and organic baby dusting powder’ either from their own website ( or from other online stores such as Amazon, FirstCry and Flipkart.

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