My Mom Was Right

I have been MIA for quite a long time now. There’s a lot happening here at my end, which needs to be explained sometime later. Still, when I got the opportunity to take part in this blog train, I just jumped in.
So yes, my MOM was RIGHT, like literally, like in almost EVERYTHING. I was kind of judgemental until I became a mother myself. I used to ignore whatever my mother said and thought she was wrong every single time, and I always had a feeling that ‘old generation’ sucks!! But, now that I am a wife and a mother (of two) I realise that it wasn’t me but my mother, who was right, right from the beginning!! Feeling a lot like me, huh? Well, that happens.

Even though there’s a huge list to pen down about my experiences, I will jot down just a couple of facts.


Make sure you get proper postnatal care.

This was something my mom was adamant about. She made sure I get proper care after my delivery, in our traditional way. 28 days of hot oil massage and hot water bath are the two important postnatal care methods that we follow soon after the delivery. During and after my first pregnancy, I had thoughts about why such traditional methods do we follow even in this 21st century, just because that sounds old school!!

I had to wait for about 2 weeks to start my hot oil massage and hot water bath, as mine was a caesarean section. I had worries about it even before it was started, as I knew the hot water that’s used for bathing is not just HOT, but reaaalllyyyyy HOT!!! Mom had arranged a lady (who was then about 84-85 years of age, yet super strong!) for bathing me (don’t go eww, it’s done that way, and it’s absolutely normal too). This lady comes in the morning, gives me a hot oil massage, makes me sit in the bathroom alone for about an hour, comes back to me and bathe me.  Though I was a bit scared and reluctant with the whole idea, in the beginning, I totally loved it and I knew this very much contributed to my overall health after delivery. This made me want to have this whole process soon after my second delivery too. It was such a refreshing experience, you know.

Eat and drink well, to take care of the kids.

In the initial days of my first pregnancy, I even forget about having food or drinking water. It just multiplied after my second delivery. I had to make sure I meet the needs of both my kids. That’s all I had in my brain! And then there always stood my mom who never let me skip my meals as well as my medicines. She knew I need to be mentally, at the same time, physically strong to be able to look after my kids.

There were ayurvedic medicines that taste ‘yuck’. I had no choice but to have them all. But trust me, it all helped me regain my physical strength. Mom also made sure I eat healthy food and drink plenty of water as I am a breastfeeding mother. Hail moms, I tell you.

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