Rainbow Themed Birthday Party – Little N Turned 3

Well, my first-born-child turned 3 years old this September. She was born in India and we were in the UK and in Amsterdam for her first and second birthdays. As it was her first birthday in India, I thought of celebrating it (in a small way), with just the close relatives, at home.
So, I had been searching for a theme for a month before her birthday, that’s when Nikita (head over to her blog to see her Unicorn-Themed DIYs) showed a tutorial on her Instagram Stories about making a Unicorn-Themed Birthday Invitation Card. I loved it so much and decided to stick on to the Rainbow Theme, even though I loved the Unicorn Theme so very much (Just didn’t want to be a copycat!)
Now that the theme was fixed, I had to decide on what all to make. I love doing DIYs, but being crafty with an almost 3-year-old and an almost 2 months old baby was a doubtful attempt. Still, I tried.
The elements I finally decided upon are:

  • Invitation Card
  • Paper rosettes
  • Clouds and raindrops
  • Birthday banner
  • Cake and eatables

I made just one invitation card, took a picture and then sent it to the invitees via WhatsApp (just like Nikita mentioned in her tutorial).
I first took my drawing book, drew the rainbow, painted, cut it and then fixed it on a blank black card (from a card stock that I already had) with some double-sided tape. Then I wrote the details under it. I had some glitter stickers, cut them into the shape of stars (at least that’s what I intended, but turned out to be X!! never mind!!!) and stuck them under the rainbow on the right side. I then drew a cloud shape on the drawing paper, cut it and fixed it under the rainbow on the left side, with some double-sided tape. Finally, I glued some cotton onto the cloud to give it a real feel of the cloud.



I found the tutorial of these paper rosettes on youtube, found these super easy, and decided to go with it. Please find the tutorial here. I made 14 big ones and 7 small ones and finally attached them to the wall with some double-sided tape.
Well, this is one of the easiest DIYs ever! I grabbed some white colour balloons from a local store, made my brother-in-law and sister-in-law blow them. I took out some craft papers ( the ones that I used to make the paper rosettes) and cut them in the shape of raindrops, hanged them onto the string and tied each string to each balloon. Finally stuck the balloons onto the roof.
That was the final DIY on the list. Took some craft papers, cut it to the shape of circles, wrote on it and then glued them to the chart paper squares, which I already had made ready. But this one didn’t turn up well!!
I ordered a rainbow-themed cake and some eatables from a nearby cake shop. I also baked some brownies by myself
So, that was it, a small party with very close family members. Though I loved planning and executing things, I did have tough times in the process, especially with my younger kid, who was then just about 2 months old!

IMG_20170913_012612.jpgThis picture was taken at 1.28 AM (sharp). See I wasn’t kidding, you know!!

Okay, now that sums up the Rainbow-Themed Party we hosted. We all had a good time with family, especially the birthday girl.
PS: Please ignore my poor photography as well as editing skills!!


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    vanijose says:

    Too good ….loved every bit of it and I totally understand how difficult it is to handle all of it with a toddler and baby around , hats off to you girl , now wonder we mom are otherwise called as supermoms 😀❤️❤️❤️

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    roopikais607 says:

    First things first… you have excellent creative, photography and editing sense! I loved the way you worked so well in a planned way. The essence of a birthday party is in its simplicity and you nailed it so well.
    Congratulations to your little one on turning 3! I would love to follow your blog for more on such diy stuff!

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