Long Distance Birthday Surprise for Pappa

Baby B was conceived when we were in Netherlands. Even though I had the check-ups and all done there, I came back to my home-country for my delivery, in the 7th month of pregnancy. V insisted to stay there, but I wanted to come home! Hence I flew back with my then 2 and half year old toddler and my MIL, who was with us then.
Even though we were miles apart, I somehow wanted to make V’s birthday special, which was on the 28th of October. As usual, I searched for ideas on Pinterest, but couldn’t find anything that’s impressive! I then recollected seeing a picture long ago on my friend’s facebook page of which her friends wishing her on her birthday. I didn’t look for any other idea and decided to make this collage with both my kids, which resembled the one I saw on my friend’s FB page.
So the first thing to do was to make the letter cards which says “HAPPY B’DAY PAPPA”. Here goes the instruction.
Things required to make letter cards :
White Colour Card Stock
Water-Colour Pencils (I used 3 colours – Light blue, Dark blue & Violet)
Paint Brush & Water
Pencil & Ruler
Alphabet Templates (Optional)

  • Cut the paper into equal squares. You need only 6 of those cards even though there are 14 letters required in total because most of the letters are repeated and you can reuse the cards when needed.
  • You can either use the templates of the required alphabets or simply draw the alphabets on the card stock. I drew them with pencil and ruler.
  • Colour the letter with the water-colour pencils of your choice, at first, and then spread it and blend the colours with the paint-brush and water. That’s it. Don’t they look gorgeous?

Untitled design (1).jpg
Next and the most important part according to me was to take photographs of both the kids holding these cards. Sounds simple, but trust me, it took around 3 days for me to complete doing it!!! kids and their tantrums, you know! Yet, the final outcome was worth all the effort. V was overwhelmed with joy after seeing it.
Untitled design (4).jpg
Oh, and by the way, even after all the preparations, I couldn’t send him this on his birthday! Guess what, there was no Wi-Fi here that day and I didn’t even think of recharging my mobile data!! Ahh, #mombrain !!  Whatever it is, it happened!! I then waited for the next day. God still didn’t show mercy to me! I waited for one more day, still the same. But then I thought of the option of recharging my mobile data. I then ran to the nearest shop and did it. Without wasting a second I sent V the collage I made.


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    itsakx says:

    This is so absolutely adorable! Love the thought that went into making this, must have been such a pleasant surprise for your husband ๐Ÿ™‚

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