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I have been eying on the Flintobox for quite some time since I started seeing posts about these on Instagram. But I waited for a few more months and finally had the courage to invest on these as I was not sure if it will really work with my kid. Now that I have ordered, received and started playing (and learning) with my 3-year-old girl, there is no looking back. We are having a wonderful experience with it and are totally loving it.
You might wonder what this box is all about. I would say it is a complete entertainer for both the kid/s and for the mother or anyone for that matter, who accompanies in playing and learning with the kid/s. It contains different activities that boost your kid/s’ skills and abilities. This super box is something that keeps your child busy from screen time, which is definitely the most challenging task for any mom!
N likes to watch cartoons on YouTube, and if at all I am giving my phone to her (mostly when I’m busy with my second child and when my parents are busy with something or the other), I make sure that I keep the phone is on flight mode. She then watches the videos in the gallery.
Adding to it, boredom is another scariest thing! N usually gets cranky when she’s bored! I had a hard time deciding upon what to make this situation better. And I finally fixed to Flintobox.
This monthly activity box is a now a saviour. It comes with new themes every month for kids from 2 years to 12 years, resolves all these problems and improves various skills in the kid/s. What makes it more special is that they have different themes for kids and they have categorised the kids’ ages into 2-3, 3-4, 4-8 and 8-12 and have activities accordingly.
Importance/ Benefits of Flintobox:

  • Early childhood development
  • Learning numbers, colours and shapes
  • Improves cognitive and fine motor skills
  • Enhances the creative side
  • Provides full-on entertainment
    …and much more…!

What box did I receive?
Little Architect box, now this is the first ever Flintobox that I received. It has six different activities. I was planning to open it with my toddler but then my excitement made me open it as soon as I received it. My girl was equally excited as soon as she saw the box, definitely without knowing what’s inside. And when she opened, she was super excited to play with everything inside it. She spent a pretty long time with it, and that’s all I wanted.
Not just the box, there are some bonus activities every week, which is called Flintobox Plus. It includes a set of 5 DIY videos and 10 downloadable worksheets, to engage the child creatively at home; on a monthly basis. Isn’t it amazing?
Make sure you give only one or two activities at a time to your kid or maybe he/she might mess up the whole thing. Also make sure to give guidance, if he/she is below 4 years of age.
Oops! Forgot to mention that Flintobox is an award-winning subscription box for kids. How cool is that right? This is one of the best preschool activity kits and I wholeheartedly recommend it to you all. If you wish to buy/subscribe, you can use the link below:
We just can’t wait to get our next month’s box…!!


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