Little N's First Flight

It was in February 2015 we came to know that V got a project in the UK and as it is a long-term project, he could take the family with him. Since then I started dreaming about the trip😁. Even though V had a couple of official trips to Singapore after we got married (and one was just a week after the wedding), I was not lucky enough to accompany him both the times! So this time I was pretty much excited.
As V’s was a long-term project, we should take almost everything with us. I’m a person who does everything in the last minute, and V is just the opposite. So I had no option but to buy and pack everything one week ahead of our trip! And yes, I have to admit that it definitely was better than my usual way, especially when there’s a 9-month-old kid with us.
Since it was Baby N’s first flight, I was kinda tensed about what all to pack in her diaper bag. Finally sorted out. Here is what the diaper bag consisted of.

  • Extra pairs of cloths
  • Diapers & plastic bags
  • Wet wipes
  • Face towels
  • Bottle of water
  • Snacks
  • Few medicines and a thermometer
  • A small blanket
  • Soother
  • Toys
  • Hand sanitizer

……..And the day came. We were well prepared. We reached the airport on time, bid goodbye to the family, completed all the formalities and entered the Gate. We engaged in taking some photographs as well. A few minutes later, we boarded the flight. And then only did we realise that the baby’s diaper bag was missing!! Yes, I was the one who carried the bag and it’s missing!! V asked the cabin crew if he could just get out and see if the bag is somewhere lying there. But it was not allowed once boarded, so they searched for the bag instead of us. But they couldn’t find the diaper bag (in fact any bag for that matter) lying alone anywhere there. So we had no choice but to fly without the bag and the most essential things that were inside it!!! I was panicked, I even had tears. But V consoled me saying everything is gonna be fine. I was smiling the next moment. From that very moment, we decided to enjoy the flight, rather than being upset. Afterall, it was baby N’s first ever flight and our first flight together as a family.
Baby N was such a sweetheart that she wasn’t cranky at all, throughout the flight (including the 3 hours halt in Dubai to catch the connecting flight). Luckily I had kept a few diapers in my handbag, so we could manage it well. I breastfed her during the take-off and landing and whenever she was feeling hungry. And that’s what helped us have a peaceful flight.


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    Sonam says:

    First thing of baby is very special inspite of missing bag you enjoyed your flight with family that’s more important and I think you will always remember this more because of missing bag incident..

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    T&S - Threads & Shuttles says:

    Oh man.. that was scary. I skipped a heartbeat when I read the diaper bag was misplaced. I am glad you got over your worries and enjoyed the trip. Babies do pick up when we are stressed and turn cranky too. And hail breastfeeding.. always the saviour. 🙂

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