The Unexpected Babymoon Vacation – Part 2

*Denmark Diaries*

And we landed Denmark, Copenhagen to be precise, on December 21st, 2016, by evening. By the time we reached our hotel, I was all exhausted! (PS: no snow anywhere in Copenhagen!) All I could do then was to take shower, bathe N, have dinner and take a nap for some time (of course with N, as she was tired as well). V didn’t want to sit idle and so went out and had an opportunity to explore the beautiful city, and could experience the nightlife there.
Next day I gained my strength and was all ready to roam around. We took a ‘hop on hop off’ city tour. It was the best option for us as it was a one-day trip and we just didn’t want to waste our time by going here and there on our own without knowing much about the place! We could visit some beautiful places and we were totally happy.
Here are a few snapshots of our trip to Copenhagen, Denmark:

As I mentioned earlier, it was a one-day trip and we took our flight back to Amsterdam on that night. Sleeping, eating, sleeping..that was all I did for the next couple of days. Isn’t it fair enough to do so, as I’m a preggy who hasn’t got over the first trimester?

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