Rolled Paper Cross

I love everything handmade. This is a Cross made out of rolled magazine papers. It would be an excellent showpiece for Christening or First Holy Communion Parties. Or just keep it at home, where ever you like.
All you need for this project:

Magazine Paper Stack
Pencil/ Paper Tube
Craft Glue
1.Tear out the Magazine pages, cut the pages into sections. I cut the page in half, lengthwise. Try to get smooth edges while you cut.
2. Roll the paper cuts into spirals/ rolls, with the help of a pencil or a paper tube. (I actually used a chopstick).
3. Grab one end of the paper roll, start coiling as tightly as you can and stick the end with a craft glue. If you want a larger coil, attach 2 or 3 rolled papers together by inserting one end of the roll to one end of another roll. Make a coil and then stick it up.
4. Once we have the required number of coils, attach them just like the picture shows. And it’s done!
If you want, you can colour it. Or else you can keep it as it is, just like I did.

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