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The Cotton Diaries is a parenting blog. Now don’t get me wrong! A parent does everything (literally), so you can find my views, experiences and findings on anything and everything I come across. Also, this is a way of keeping a record of the things I love.  

Now let us gear up and enjoy this beautiful journey of a mother, a woman and a feminist. 

Hi! I'm Nimmy!

Hi. I’m Nimmy – the geek behind this blog. I am a  pakka Malayali girl (oh yeah, a Mallu!) and is extremely proud of it. After travelling to a few countries, we are finally settled back in Kerala, the southern tip of India. I am a happy soul when I am with my family, the hubster Mr. Vinu and our two munchkins lilN & lilB. 

I love learning and experimenting with new things. Blogging was one such experiment I did out of boredom and now it has become a passion. All thanks to my sister and sis-in-law, and all the (mom) bloggers I met on Instagram for the inspiration!

Well, at least a few of you might be knowing that Purple Dreams was the name of my blog which was a WordPress free website. Once I decided to get my own website, I somehow wanted to change the name of my blog. Don’t ask me why!!

I have been thinking a lot a new name for the blog, and then I thought about my nickname and I badly wanted a name including my nickname. PANJI is the nickname and this word in Malayalam means Cotton. I didn’t have to think much and there born the blog name The Cotton Diaries!